What We Do

Layout and Inspection

Wiedemann Coordinator Template Maker Height Verniers (from 3" - 36") 

Micrometers (from 1" - 6")  

Johanssen Gauge Blocks (1/32" - 12") 

Drill Blank Sets (A-Z and 1-60) Surface Plates Various Thread, Hole and Radius gauges Inspection Squares

Spotwelding/Welding Equipment

Precision 100 KVA Spotwelder         

 (cap. 1/8 to 1/8 Al.) 

Frank Brandt 30 KVA Spotwelder 

Miller 400 amp AC-DC Heliarc Arc Welder 

Miller 300 amp DC Heliarc Welder 

Miller 400 amp AC Arc Welder

Shearing and Sawing

Wysong 10 Ga. x 10ft Power Shear 

Pexto 12 Ga, x 4ft Power Shear 

Kalamazoo 8" Portable Cutting Band Saw Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Circular Saw 

Dara Jane 10" Table Saw

Sanding and Grinding

Timesaver Automatic Sander (30" Table) Porter-Cable Wet-Dry Pedestal Sander (4"x12") 

2 Wheel Combination Sander & buffing jack 

Brown-Brockmeyer Pedestal Grinder (8"x 2") 

Delta Pedestal Grinder (7" x 5/8")

Punching and Notching

CNC Strippit CAP 1000 Turret Punch            

Press (20 Ton & 20 stations) 

Fanuc GN6 Controls with Metalsoft software 

Wiedemann RA41P Turret Punch Press

 (15 Ton) 

Strippit Fabricator 15-Ton Punch Press Whitney-Jenson No. 230 20-Ton Punch Press 

2 Benchmaster 4 Ton Power Punch  Presses 

Wales Strippit Notching Unit 

Di-Acro 6" Hand Bench Notcher

Machining Department

Bridgeport Miller BRJ Rambaudi V2 Milling Machine Milwaukee Horizontal Milling Machine Brown-Sharpe No. 2 Surface Grinder Prismatic-TPL Engine Lathe (18" swing) Acme Hand Screw (Cap. 1" Bar Stock)

Drilling Department

Walker-Tuner 30" Radial Drill ½" chuck 

Delta Radial Drill - 1" chuck 

Buffalo Pedestal Drill 1" chuck 

Walker-Turner Pedestal Drill ½"chuck

Brake & Forming Department

Chicago 12 Ft x 225 ton Power Press Brake 

Verson 6 Ft x 45ton Power Press Brake Niagra 4 Ft x 15 ton Power Press Brake 

Di-Acro No. 3 x 24" Bench Hand Brake Dake No. 2 Arbor Press 

Di-Acro No. 3 Hand Bender